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Error Unable to Load Library in Ulead Visual Studio?

Ulead Visual Studio is a handy video making software with lots of effects and transitions and it is easy to use as well. There are certain things we can do in Window Media Maker but with Ulead Visual Studio software it’s possible to do with unique features. Most of the people who work on video editing use this software.

In recent times while working with Ulead Video Studio 11 plus I got an error Unable to Load Library. This error comes only at the time of saving the images and music to a video files. In my usage usually had a set of favorite transition effects and then I will work on.

Problem Identified and Rectified:-
  • When I got this message I found that the problems were with one of the favorite transition effects I used. 
  •  This was due to some of the Ulead program files corrupted in your PC. 
  •  For this just install Ulead video studio again or avoid using the corrupted transition effects.

Now you can enjoy using Ulead Video studio without any interruption like “Unable to Load Library”. Is there any new ways to solve this problem share your views at comments section.

3 Responses to "Error Unable to Load Library in Ulead Visual Studio?"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for your help i hope that your suggestion solve my broblem A+++++++

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great suggestion it worked.... Thank you

  3. Anonymous Says:

    which effects ?

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